Mercuri International’s 3rd Millennium Sales Concept responds to digitization´s disruption of traditional sales models

The digital revolution has drastically improved access to information, changed consumers´ purchasing paths and the way they engage with businesses. Few companies have succeeded in adapting to these developments and to adjust their selling strategy to meet these changes. To help businesses align their approach to the new digital age consumer, Mercuri International has launched the 3rd Millennium Sales Concept.

The recent years have seen dramatic changes to the way we buy goods and services. Thanks to digital tools such as social media, apps and price-feature comparison websites, consumers now have more access to information when taking purchase decisions than ever before. This has disrupted the traditional paths to purchase.

A Google survey from 2014 showed that an average of 67 % of a consumer´s buying journey is done digitally before serious engagement with a sales person. This stands in stark contrast to the 10 % seen in the 70s and 80s when many of the sales techniques used by companies today were developed. The need of the hour is to leverage digital lenses to reinvent specific conventional sales processes & techniques that have been rendered ineffective by such change in buying behavior.

Mercuri International launches the 3rd Millennium Sales Concept

To meet the changing needs in this disruptive world, Mercuri International has identified 32 practices which were valid in the traditional sales approach and are still valid, and has defined 20 new critical practices that sales reps must master to be successful in the digital era.

By integrating the 3rd Millennium Sales Concept with its suite of offerings, Mercuri International will help sales professionals in over 50 markets adapt their sales processes to meet the needs and expectations of the new digital age consumer.

“Sales teams today are faced with managing buying behavior completely different from in the past. To be successful, they need to adapt and master new practices. As the world leader in sales performance development, Mercuri International is uniquely positioned to help sales professionals develop the skills needed to better connect and engage with the more informed and autonomous costumers of the 3rd Millennium.” says Frank Herbertz CEO of Mercuri International.


Frank Herbertz, President & CEO Mercuri International Group
Telephone: +34 654 921 667

Daniela Vidakovic Lundin, Marketing Manager Mercuri International Group
Telephone: +46 8 705 29 34

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Mercuri International’s 3rd Millennium Sales Concept responds to digitization´s disruption of traditional sales models

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